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These are my notes as I heard them in yesterday’s ASUG webcast; the SAP speaker has reviewed and kindly provided some updates.  I also posted to SCN beta site What is new in SAP Lumira 1.31 - ASUG Webcast Recap - SAP Blogs but the beta site is short-term.

Source: SAP

Plans are subject to change, as the legal disclaimer above shows

Source: SAP

Lumira supports multiple deployment options as shown as above

Source: SAP

Visualize HANA views in the browser, with an end-to-end workflow without dependency on desktop

It does not cover Prepare; coming later

Capability to override safety belt limit

Source: SAP

With 1.31 provide capability to download stories on Mobile BI for offline analysis filter; need iOS Mobile BI 6.4 (released later)

Source: SAP

Feedback on user experience, gaps with Lumira/Design Studio, interop between the tools, and cost of ownership for maintaining BI Platform.

Source: SAP

Will be delivering Lumira/Design Studio on a common technology platform and continue to have 2 different clients

Source: SAP

Enable IT and business to work together

Not a migration

Respect investment in extensions for both Lumira & Design Studio

Will have time to move to Lumira 2.x

Source: SAP

One BI add-on

One runtime

Source: SAP

One document model, looking at making application have a Fiori-like look and feel

BW online access in Lumira, acquired dataset from Lumira in Design Studio

Source: SAP

SAP has been working on portfolio consolidation

Reducing client portfolio with SAP Lumira

Working on bringing in Analysis OLAP and Explorer capabilties

Source: SAP


First convergence is on 2.x line

Looking at simplifying the user visualization experience

Look at better support for online HANA connectivity

Contextual export from Analysis Office to Lumira

Enhance bookmark by saving in the folder and lifecycle management


Browser parity with desktop

GUI for Freehand SQL

Lineage capability

Improved conditional formatting

Post 2.x, plan is to deliver one SDK

Source: SAP

RTC (release to customer) in Q4 2016, General Availability in Q1 2017

Go live 2016

Align releases with SAPPHIRE and SAP TechEd

Question and Answer

Q: There is a limitaton on split like Hyphen(TX-2016-75038) cannot be used. We can replace with space, colon, comma, semicolon but not with any symbols like we can do in excel. The above solution is two step process :sad:

A: Please vote for this in Idea Place as discussed on SCN

Q: Is SAP HANA connection directly from BI Launchpad online or offline connection? (or both?)

A: Online Connection from BI Launchpad is supported in Lumira 1.31

Q: When will 1.31 be available?

A: We are working on releasing around Mid June

Q: Are variables and prompts supported in HANA connection from BI platform?

A: Yes, it is supported.

Q: Why merge into one product with two clients? I think most customers will find this confusing and still consider them separately.

A:  Since the user personas are different, we would like to bring different user experience for different personas.

Q: Is it in the roadmap to 1. allow developer to define default view (Fit width vs page) AND 2. Add a view style to fill page (fitting both width and height)

A: We are planning to address Page improvement in 2.x code line. At present i can’t confirm exact release number. But yes, definitely in our plans.

Q: Is 1.31 the last 1.x release?

A: Yes, But we would continue to support 1.X until End of 2017. We would be providing patch on 1.31 Code line.

Q: When will 2.x series be available?

A: We plan to RTC in Q4 2016 (Nov time frame), General Availability in Q1 2017.

Q: When will integratoin with PowerPoint be available?

A: In the Roadmap for 2.X code line, At present not in 2.0 Release. But definitely in the plan.

Q: What is the release date for Lumira 1.31? Did he say June 20, 2016?

A:  end of second week of June

Q: Since Lumira/Design Studio apps will replace BusinessObjects Explorer, are there plans to integrate the Explorer search functionality into the Lumira toolset?

A: Yes, we plan to address this in future releases

Q: Will there be an improved presentation for Lumira to allow user to adjust size of chart in a story?

A: Yes, we are working on new User experience, in which there are focused effort on formatting.

Q: What are user personas?

A: Lumira studio – for IT … Where IT can enhance with advance scripting. Lumira – for Business Users / Analyst.

Q: Is 1.31 GA today?

A: 1.31 GA is planned for the week of 20th Jun

Q: For Lumira 2.0 what level of BI Platform do you need to be on? 4.1 or 4.2?

A: 4.1 & 4.2 latest SP

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