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terry.penner, along with geoff.bazira, provided this ASUG webcast yesterday.

The usual disclaimer applies that things discussed for the future are subject to change.


  • Web Intelligence RESTful SDK in SP6 and 4.1
  • Semantic Layer SDK in 4.1
  • Mobile SDK
  • Design Studio
  • HTML5 Visualization Extensions

Web Intelligence RESTful SDK in SP6 and 4.1

BI4.0 had a limited Java SDK

BI4 SP6 came with a new RESTFUL SDK

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Terry mentioned the rise of mobile programming and SAP wanted to support those scenarios

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Figure 2 shows SP6 is available now, coming with Web Intelligence RESTful API’s, the ability to export WebI documents, modify report structure in WebI.

You can obtain an XML representation of WebI document and modify it

New SCN forum page connect with the community is here

Figure 3: Source: SAP

Extension points are not currently available; under available

BI 4.1 is in ramp-up

Figure 3 shows the UI customization with 4.1

BI 4.1 – turn off parts of the SDK in any of the clients


SAP Help:

Semantic Layer SDK

Figure 4: Source: SAP

Terry said this was a COM SDK

Figure 5: Source: SAP

New SDK that consumes universes directly

Figure 6: Source: SAP

Figure 6 shows what is beyond 4.1

If using Query as a Web Service, don’t need that any more – use this to send an XML request and get back directly in OData format

Figure 7: Source: SAP

Figure 7 shows the planned SDK roadmap, subject to change.

Mobile SDK – iOS Application Customization

An Android SDK is not yet available

Figure 8: Source: SAP

This mobile SDK allows for custom branding.  For more information please see

BusinessObjects Design Studio

Figure 9: Source: SAP

Design Studio is used for building applications against BW and HANA; it does not support custom components right now

For the Dashboards HTML5 output supports custom components and controls

Please see SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio - Beta 1.2 Registration Page


Figure 10: Source: SAP

HTML5 visualization library

It is designed to work with SAP HANA

It has some geospatial enhancements – working with geospatial partners

Key part is extensible visualizations – layouts, composition, create in CVOM and show up in Lumira

Later Design Studio will support this SDK

The client tool takes care of data binding

Question & Answer

Q:  I have been asked to find out what the best practice (not minimum requirements) that are recommended for BI 4.0 and above. Laptop with i7 CPU with 16 GB RAM? i5 CPU with 16 GB of RAM?

A: Minimum hardward requirements can be found in the PAM (Platform Availability Matrix), (see page 22) 


Q:  Regarding chages in report structure and  data sources, are you talking only about RDBMS or it includes BW data sources too?

A:  WebI RESTful SDK supports BW data sources too. You can change data sources between RDBMS and BW(BEx)


Q:  Universe Java SDK is supported only the UNX or also UNV?

A:  UNX only. For UNV you can still use COM SDK which is still fully supported in BI 4.1


Q:  Can we change connection parameters in BI 4.1? Mostly BW data source connections

A: Yes, you can


Q:  can oDATA consume data/block from WEBI report so i can avoid using WEBI SDK ?

A: Data is exported from WebI as XML or HTML.. you can then use it in any other context. oData is not supported for now.


Q:  do u have plan to support Java SDK for UNV in the future?

A:  No plans at this time


Q:  Is there a separate "What's new in 4.1 for the SDKs for CR-2013 and CR-for-Enterprise content" (Hosted on BO-BI Platform)...? We have a lot of legacy applications that are using the older .NET Platform SDKs to execute, stream-to-PDF and schedule to SMTP.

A:  See the What's New documentation on for CR2013 and CR4Ent covers SDKs.


Q:  Are these new visualization SDK interfaces, Design Studio, CVOM-Lumira, etc - already vaildated for 508/WCAG "disability compliance"...? Required for many Public-Sector, and Regulated industries.

A:  It depends on the implementation of the person who implements those extensions.


Q:  will other properties be exposed in unx SDK?

A:  short answer is yes - see appendix

Yes, please have a look at details in the presentation appendix for what is currently not supported.


Q:  Will there be support of the report engine SDK?  for UNV

A:  Assuming discussing Java WebI SDK - there is limited support in BI4.0 - not planning to enhance that - new applications should be created in RESTful SDK


Q:  When is that date?

A:  For WebI, SP6 is availbable now, 4.1 is in ramp-up, Lumira SDK is available now, Mobile SDK is now, Design Studio is availalble later this year - universe is now


Q:  do u know what time BI 4.1 release to public?

A:  After SAP meets its ramp-up KPIs - TBD


Q:  Extensions for WebI will be supported in which release?

A:  For visualization extensions, done a PoC on it, not sure - past 4.1


Q:  whatis SAP weblink to the list of all available SDK's?

A:  SCN link is 

Links provided by Geoff Bazira and Terry Penner

BusinessObjects SDK overview:

RESTful Web Services community:

WebI REST SDK product documentation:


Code samples:

RESTful FAQ page

Thanks to Terry and Geoff for this webcast.

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