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This was an ASUG webcast given by SAP yesterday

As always things in the future are subject to change

Source: SAP

Figure 1: Source: SAP

Figure 1 shows what is new in Analysis Office 2.3

There is a new Table design rule editor

Enhancements for BW – Report to Report Interface framework, with Analysis Office as a receiver so you can jump from Design Studio to Analysis Office.

Dynamic RRI targets are enabled.

API enhancements include save data back to planning backend

Cancel log running queries

Full dpi support – size of characters

Logoff button to logoff system, particularly for testing reasons

Additional refresh mode – to include new master data in refresh

You can upload a list of filter values from a file

Figure 2: Source: SAP

Table Design Rule editor – there is a new tab for the rules and you can filter and edit some of them.

Figure 3: Source: SAP

For only BW 7.50 SP4 due in July, you can create restricted measures in the client.

You can define a measure and a filter condition in the dialog

Figure 4: Source: SAP

You can cancel long-running queries; 5 seconds is the default

You will get a pop-up to cancel the query

Figure 5: Source: SAP

You can logoff from the components tab

It is hidden as SAP considers it a more of a technical button

You can also replace a system here (last entry)

Figure 6: Source: SAP

The roadmap will be updated after 2.3 is GA

2.3 features are shown in the middle column of Figure 6

Plans for the future- create restricted measures in an easier way; possibly combine queries and create butterfly reports

Also looking to do things around grouping – personal grouping

Sheet protection is being worked on for the Q4 release

Also working on commentary framework with cell-level comments

Question & Answer

Q: Contains a Plug-In for EXCEL & POWER POINT. An Date/Roadmap when we wil be able to embed into WORD documents..? Timeline to move all former BOBJ LIVE OFFICE functions into Analysis Office..?

A: See current slide -to be fixed in later release

Q: Just curious why is LiveOffice not listed?

A: That is part of future convergence - today's webcast covers 2.3, the next release.

Q: We do not use BPC, to use 2.3 do we need to be on BW7.4 SP15 or BW7.5 SP4? Or will it work on our current 7.3 version?

A: It should work on current 7.3 version. The Version listed was for embedded - so if you are not planning it is not required

Q: What does "Upload list of filter values" mean?

A: Upload from a text file to a filter

Q: If you upgrade to A4O 2.3 on the destop, should you also upgrade the A4O BIP server add-on to version 2.3? What versions of BIP does the A4O BIP server on-add support (for example, is BIP 4.1 SP6 compatiable with the A4O 2.3 BIP add-on)?

A: Minimum BI4.1 SP5 or 6 - not sure

Q: Have you seen issues of using the plug-ins with Excel 2013?

A: issues should be shared with SAP Support.

Q: Upgrading users to most recent version of Analysis for office require someone typically user with admin rights doing installation, executing .exe files. I am wondering if new version of Analysis Office offer automatic upgrade options to most current vers

A: No, not yet

Q: Do the plug-ins support SSO kerberos authentication?

A: yes, couple of SSO protocol - depends on what asking - from BI to HANA - no, only SAML

Q: We are using standard bpc 10.1 and analysis for bw. If we upgrade to 2.3, we still have these tool separate or we can use the combined tool

A: No separate installation

Q: does 2.3 is going to support office 365 or 2016?

A: supported in 2.2 latest SP

Q: What is a SAP strategy regarding publishing AO Workbook if we have SAP BW and BO Platform? If it depends on AO licence?

A: not sure of question - scheduling is available on BI platform

Q: Can we use AO for BO Universe?

A: Not yet - use Live Office

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