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I was fortunate that this year I got some time to attend most of the solution manager sessions in SAP TechEd Bangalore, SAP is keep investing in solution manager, as you all know that Charm is well matured now. And Test management another important and equally growing well at customer side.

Through this blog I would like to share what are the future innovations are in track and major highlights as part of solution manager. These information I received from multiple sessions I visited and listened via TechEd Live and of-course all the slides as part of the SAP TechEd disclaimer policy.

Future Directions of Solution Manager Innovations

It is very clear that, SAP no longer going to be core ERP application company, there are lots of acquisitions, latest trends made the point very clear that SAP moving beyond core application company, proving cloud, in-memory, mobile solutions. This was well and most genuinely represented in Key note by Vishal. Since from the key note I was just keen to know that, How our solution manager would be going to support the IT environment which growing limitless in cloud/Mobile area? How solution manager going to cope with all the latest innovation trends on SAP?  But SAP has a clear road map and plan for future innovations at solution manager.  It clearly depicts that solution manager 7.1 is the only E2E integrated platform from SAP to drive the innovations, ALM and boosting operations quality at lower costs.

Solution Manager initially focus on optimize the IT processes. IT is moving forward as the key contributor for run business.  Hence solution manger future innovations are planned in such a way that to optimize both IT and Business strategy.

Highlight I - PPM integration

This is the one of the planned innovation, now it is live with SP10, with lots of expectations customers are eye on this new feature. Earlier I was in the view that this would help only on project management activities like running the project on time, estimation of efforts, resource management. But found this integration is much beyond the project management, It even help out to reduce the regression test cycles by synchronization of projects.  The details can be found here.

Highlight II - Central CTS+

This is the most awaited feature, since 2010 SAP delivered the vision of CCTS+ as one of the most powerful change and transport management feature. It is now launched and live with SP10, Central CTS+ is perfect fit for solution manager to support the latest innovations on cloud, mobile areas. It is because of CCTS+, Charm become more flexible on managing multiple tracks, support of downgrade protections, project synchronization.

Other information which I found interesting was, Traditional Solution manager CTS+ and TMS supports the HANA artifacts as similar to the JAVA SDAs. We can get some more information regarding this on sap note Note 1731044 - HANA content deployment EJB plugin for CTS+ (7.0x).

Highlight III - Auto Track Features on IT Infrastructure Management

As we all know that IT infrastructure management would be the real helper for running IT like a business. It has been said that now the IT infrastructure management would automatically detect the software installed without proper license in your IT landscape.  I was still very keen to check the demo on this live solution.

Highlight IV Innovations on Test Management

As Raquel already had already written well defined blog for SAP Ehp Test scope and effort analyzer and HP QTP integration ( Rajiv from SAP has the demo for BPCA and HP QC integration, he is from SAP India, easy to approach for more details ). Another interesting things highlighted on the most of the session was the enhanced feature of test option1 with the new CBTA and registration of other certified third party tools with solution manager, one of them we discussed about worksoft integration with solution manager.

Highlight V - Unified Infrastructure between E2E Monitoring/Alerting Infrastructure and BPMon

If you closely notice the Vishal's keynote, we can sense that how much sap is giving importance for the user experience. SAP Fiori is one of the major leading solution for focusing user experience at the high. SAP Screen Personas the other interesting one. SAP is also looking forward to enhance user experience in all the products, User experience is not only the customer experience, it is end to end user experience. It covers all the key users too. Using this as key, SAP solution manager 7.1 has already well defined UI. Now its going to be more enhanced and optimized way. Future solman 7.1 release has plan for unified infrastructure UI for configuration of different functionality. Since new MAI already become benchmark for better monitoring, our BPMon also soon going to be MAI based.

Since I was interested in custom code management, explored the innovations on CDMC/ CCLM area. I found that, there going to be new BI structure for reporting.

Other than that, there are new guided procedure available for HANA implementations and HANA daily basis checks, there was the plan for new regression testing tool START. We also got information on how SAP Test management supports Mobile solutions and cloud infrastructure.

It was very pleasant to meet most of the SAP solution manager folks like  Prakhar, Umesh, Rajiv, Sonal by person and shared the view on future track of solution manager, Over all feedback was good and we are expecting much more in future releases.

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