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What is Fuzzy Search ? 

  • A technique of finding the strings that match a pattern approximately (rather than exactly).

  • A fault-tolerant search, which returns records even if the search term contains typos or additional/missing characters.

  • Example: Typing ‘Wether’ in Google will also return a list of hits corresponding to ‘Weather/Whether’.

  • The below figure gives us the clear idea.

Fig: Google (Source)

Fuzzy Search in SAP HANA:

  • Can be applied in the WHERE clause of a SELECT statement using the function ‘CONTAINS’ with the option ‘FUZZY’

  • SELECT * FROM <table_name> WHERE CONTAINS (<column_name>, <search_string>, FUZZY(x) ).

  • <table_name> can be name of a column table, attribute view or a SQL view created with the CREATE VIEW statement

  • FUZZY(x) specifies the degree of accuracy required between the strings used in comparison (<column_name> and <search_string>)

  • ‘x’ in FUZZY(x) is called a fuzzy factor and can have values between 0 and 1.

Key Points:

  • If only FUZZY is specified, it takes the value of x as 0.8

  • If FUZZY(x)/FUZZY is not provided, an exact match is searched.

  • CONTAINS function can also be used in a SELECT query with JOIN.

  • 0 being least accuracy and 1 being highest accuracy.

What is AMDP Class ? 

  • An AMDP Class is a global class existing in the class library with a tag interface IF_AMDP_MARKER_HDB (to indicate AMDP classes for the HANA Database Server)

  • Can contain both regular methods and AMDP methods

  • A method is indicated as an AMDP method in the implementation section of the class using the addition BY DATABASE PROCEDURE in the METHOD statement

  • Can only be created using ADT.

  • An AMDP method is called in an ABAP program in the same way as any other ABAP Objects method.

How to implement Fuzzy Search using AMDP Class ? 

Custom Table (ZSCARR) created as a part of this blog post and maintained the entries as shown in the below figures.

Simple Use Case:

Suppose , you have 100000's of record and you need to join multiple tables and fetch the output/data accordingly and the end user just wants to see the probable output based on the input provided by him. In this case , Fuzzy Search Technique comes handy.

  • AMDP Class with Fuzzy Technique:

Fuzzy Search AMDP Class

  • Consuming AMDP Class in Report Program:

Fuzzy Search Report Program

Selection Screen:

  • Output when Fuzzy is  0.1

  • Output when Fuzzy is  0.5

  • Output when Fuzzy is  1


  • Fuzzy Search is a technique of finding strings that match a pattern approximately (rather than exactly).

  • Fuzzy Search in SAP HANA makes use of two functions – CONTAINS() which performs search on strings and SCORE() which returns fuzzy score.

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