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In 2011 I co-authored "Data Modeling Made Simple with PowerDesigner" with Steve Hoberman. From the title it's obvious that data modellers were the primary audience, though I did my best to structure the book so that other users of PowerDesigner could make use of it. The book also contains Steve Hoberman's work on 'how to do' data modelling, so I inevitably had to make some compromises in the PD content. I'm sure nobody would have bought a 1,000 page book that weighs 3 Kg and costs over $120. :smile:

I'm currently planning the second edition of the book, and I intend to address the compromises, to ensure that we create material of interest to the whole PD market. A number of readers have been kind enough to point out the compromises that they've noticed, and to suggest topics to be included later on.

Here's my challenge to you

What would you regard as essential knowledge for PowerDesigner users, and just has to be included in the future book (or books - there will probably be more than one)?

  • for any PD user
  • for portal users
  • for PD 'super-users', those people who like to push the tool to the limit
  • for PD administrators
  • for a given type of user
    • data modeller
    • enterprise architect
    • business architect
    • DBA
    • application developer
    • solutions architect
    • etc

Please address suggestions via the form on my personal blog page, at

Thanks, George

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