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Now we are in week 5 of BI Clients and Applications on SAP HANA - James Rapp, Foroohar Rafiei and Harjeet Judge

Week 5 I have deviated and instead of launching my own Amazon instance to do the exercises, I decided to do them in my own environment (no HANA required).

I think the most interesting tip was emulating the mobile view for Design Studio.  You can do this using CTRL-SHIFT-I for Chrome.

The above is a Design Studio application launched in Chrome, and then I clicked CTRL-SHIFT-I to see how the application would look in Chrome.

I used a predefined template for the iPad.  There is even a pointer.

Here is a video I recorded:

The advice is to use the mobile themes (see above) as it sizes for your fingers and set pixel based scrolling to true.  Only use mobility in portrait mode

Also a common question I have seen here on SCN – the advice is to use the predefined iPhone templates when deploying Design Studio to an iPhone device.

There are no templates for the Android.

Parts of this are covered in the official SAP Help but it is good to have these reminders from the Open SAP course.

The other interesting item of advice was to use PDF as an emulator for Crystal Reports on the mobile device.  There is an extensive unit on Web Intelligence and Lumira using Mobile BI.


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