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As a SAP PI/PO consultant worked in various Integration Projects would like to share my first experience in SAP Hana Cloud Integration

Hope many of you have already explored about SAP HCI and its capabilities and road map for integration.

Here I am sharing my experience of developing a Web service to Mail Scenario in SAP HCI Trial Version

1) In the Eclipse Tool ( Luna) Open the perspective SAP Hana Cloud Integration and create Integration Project and Integration Flow as below

   Sender - Webservice (SOAP),   Receiver - Mail

2) For Sender Webservice, sample structure can be created in PI/PO and imported to HCI

3) Configure Sender SOAP Channel with below parameters

4) Configure the Receiver Mail Adapter to send mail to google mail and provide required parameters (From address,To address, Mail subject and body) as below

5) In Google account settings we need to enable required authentication, so that external applications can communicate to google mail and here we need to generate required credentials

6) Credentials which were generated in the above step need to be deployed in HCI in deployed artifacts and Deployed Artifacts name to be given in the receiver mail channel.

7) To test the scenario, import the IFLOW WSDL in SOAP UI and trigger . This is only for triggering the Iflow, actual message already configured in Mail channel

😎 Message Monitoring in HCI - Message status is completed

9) Message successfully posted to google mail box as below

In general there are differences compared to PI/PO in the way objects are developed and configured in HCI and initially we may have some challenges while establishing connectivity to other systems/applications due to firewall/network.

From Integration perspective I can say HCI is still evolving and there is lot more which are expected in the near future from SAP .

So start exploring and share your thoughts!!


SAP HANA Cloud Integration for Processes

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