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SAP BI 4.3 Official Release & Roadmap with Patrick Sims.

On November 26, SAP's Patrick Sims (SAP Global Center of Excellence, Platform & Technologies - Analytics) joined Allan Pym of APOS Systems to discuss current and future innovations in SAP BusinessObjects 4.3.

You can view this entire webinar on demand.

SAP’s Analytics Vision sees three Key Investment Areas to support its enterprise grade cloud platform. One of those areas is SAP BusinessObjects, and the upcoming 4.3 release is presented as evidence of SAP’s commitment to the on-premise platform.

These Key Investment Areas are consistent with SAP’s BI Statement of Direction, released earlier this year.

Patrick reviews SAP’s SoD, in which SAP commits to long-term support of on-premise BI, while asserting a Cloud-first philosophy that sees growing interoperability between SAP BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud.

  • You can view the SoD here.

  • You can view the accompanying FAQ here.

Patrick then got into the main topic of the webinar, which is the future of SAP BusinessObjects as represented by the upcoming 4.3 release.

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 has been billed as the “Hybrid Release,” and Patrick’s presentation reflects that focus. Hybrid means tighter integration between on-premise BusinessObjects and SAP Analytics Cloud. Harmonizing User Experience and building Enterprise readiness by supporting the latest industry standards enhance this integration.

Patrick summarized what Enterprise Readiness means.

The harmonized User Experience is led by the new Fiori-like BI Launchpad, which will have full functional parity with the old BI Launchpad (which will no longer ship with the product).

Tighter integration will have a rejuvenating effect on Web Intelligence.

Web Intelligence data models will allow you to leverage your existing investment to share business semantics…

…not just with other Web Intelligence documents, but also with SAP Analytics Cloud

The ability to customize Web Intelligence by defining your scope of interactivity improves usability and flexibility.

And there are other innovations to simplify report consumption and creation.

While, as Patrick notes, Crystal Reports is a mature technology, there are still some improvements in the upcoming release. Crystal Reports will conform to platform harmonization efforts.

The Universe Connector receives updates in BI 4.3 that bring it “closer to Query Panel parity.”

Hybrid user management will allow SAP Analytics Cloud to leverage BusinessObjects user security via SCIM APIs.

With BI 4.3, The Analytics Hub will allow you to see and select content regardless of whether it is SAC content or on-premise content.

The evolution of SAP BusinessObjects means we are not only embracing the future, but also letting go of some elements of the past. The deprecation of Flash-dependent applications such as Dashboards and Business Explorer is part of this process.

Patrick recommends reading Iver van de Zand’s blog posts on this subject. Iver recommends SAP Analytics Cloud Data Discovery and Analytics Designer as “go-to” solutions to meet the needs formerly filled by Business Explorer and Dashboards.

BI Widgets also will not be shipped with BI 4.3.

Iver van de Zand’s blog posts can be found iver.vandezand#content and here.

The blog post shown on the slide is here.

Near the end of his presentation, Patrick returns to and summarizes the Key Focus Areas.

Finally, if you want to participate in the SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 Beta, contact the SAP team at

Read the Beta Announcement blog post…

View the webinar on demand from the APOS website…
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