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As a big fan of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform WebIDE I use the SAPUI5 templates to start my projects. Most of the time this is based on OData services and I use the full wizard to gerenate my app. In some cases it happens that I cannot use the OData service to generate your SAPUI5. The OData services is not finished ,they are still working on the backend logic or for some other reason I just have to start without a service.

Thanks to all the templates of the SAP WebIDE I don't have to start from scratch. There is a template "SAPUI5 Application Project" which gererates a basic setup to start with SAPUI5.

I used this template to have a quick start :smile: It immediately generated a full project like in the next picture. Just to test if everything was working fine, I've added a label in the main view with a small dummy text.

I just added a label between the content tags:

Just to see if this already would work, I did a quick test of my generated SAPUI5 application with a dummy label.

Select the index.html page and click on run:

In my first test I could only see the title of my SAPUI5 app, but not my label with my dummy text!

After trying a few things, I came to the following solution. I added the following tags:

Testing this again gave me my SAPUI5 app with my dummy label :smile:

Hope this will help SAPUI5 developers that will use this template so they won't lose too much time.

Kind regards,


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