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There are some discussions about selecting top N data recently. I have been haunted by the idea. In this post, I will show you how to choose top N data using input controls without building extra tables. In addition, you can specify any integer value for N to see the top N data.

I utilize eFashion Universe for demonstration purposes. I also am assuming that you are somewhat familiar with Webi 4.0 – Rich Internet Application Viewing Mode.

Step 1: Build a Webi report using eFashion Universe

Step 2: Create a new variable (Rank) to show the ranking of sales revenue in the table

Step 3: Sort sales revenue in the table from the highest to the lowest (descending)

Step 4: Create a new input control on variable Rank to show top N Sales revenue

Choose variable Rank as an object to filter data. Then click Next.

Define the input control as shown in the picture below. Click Next.

Select the report element to use with the input control. Click Finish.

Now enjoy the result.

Top 3 sales revenue by SKU desc

Top 5 sales revenue by SKU desc

Top 10 sales revenue by SKU desc


Huu Nguyen

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