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A report needs a visualization of the used fiters, certainly when it is exported.

In webi you can use some nice formula's to show the filters used via prompting.


Example: Userresponse("Ledger"), Ledger is the promptname defined in BEX query or via Edit query panel

This handy formula retrieves indeed the used filter on one specific prompt, however it has is disadvantages when you chase the promptname, you have to change the userresponsevariabels in every webi-document as well.  Or when your report is Language dependent, the promptname "Ledger" will change as well.

In new SAP BusinessObjects versions '(4.1 SPX) this formula is easily useable via >> ReportElement >> Cell >> Predefined Elements


Example: Promptsummary()

This handy formula retrieves all the used filters, however when you use a bex query as datasource, you will see a lot of redundant info.  The queryname, when multiple queries are included this can lead to unwanted complexity.

3Optimalized PromptSummary

This formula, removes the redundant info form the promptsummary.

Create a variable: Promptbox define it via the formula underneath and apply it in your report.

=Replace(Replace(If Pos (Right(Right(PromptSummary();Length(PromptSummary())-3);Length(PromptSummary())-3-Pos((Right(PromptSummary();Length(PromptSummary())-3));"*")-2-4);"*") = 0 Then (Right(Right(PromptSummary();Length(PromptSummary())-3);Length(PromptSummary())-3-Pos((Right(PromptSummary();Length(PromptSummary())-3));"*")-2-4)) Else Left((Right(Right(PromptSummary();Length(PromptSummary())-3);Length(PromptSummary())-3-Pos((Right(PromptSummary();Length(PromptSummary())-3));"*")-2-4));Pos((Right(Right(PromptSummary();Length(PromptSummary())-3);Length(PromptSummary())-3-Pos((Right(PromptSummary();Length(PromptSummary())-3));"*")-2-8));"*"));"(Optioneel)";"");"(Optional)";"")

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