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I know as a former SAP customer that one of the biggest questions that gets asked is “ What do I get for all the money that I am spending on SAP Maintenance, what Support services, tools and reports can help my company specifically AND am I leveraging Support services to get value out of my SAP Support investment ? ”  I heard it as a customer many years ago and I still hear it from SAP customers and our ASUG members today.

ASUG recently hosted  a very well received webcast on the topic of getting more value from your SAP Maintenance dollars on July 14th titled:  You Don't Know What You Don't Know - Understand and Get More Value from your SAP Support Investment...

This was the first webcast of our ASUG twelve episode series focus on helping SAP customers get more value from their SAP Support investments.

Ongoing Support. Upgrade projects. Go-lives. New implementations. Improving current business processes. Reducing obsolete Data and Custom Code. Optimizing Security. Service Level Agreement for mission-critical support incidents. What do these things have in common? SAP Enterprise Support. During this ASUG webcast attendees learned how to leverage the services and tools available through their support investment with SAP to help optimize their upcoming projects and enhance their current landscapes. Our expert SAP speakers Kristen Scheffler and VerNeil Mesecher showed us how to tap into the resources available to advance customer business and technical enablement of their end-to-end operations.

This first webcast delved into the services and tools that are available to SAP customers through SAP Enterprise Support, such as the SAP Enterprise Support Academy, which provides knowledge transfer, enablement, and increases IT and business user skillset and maturity. We also discussed the upcoming eleven webcasts in this very informative series that will dive deeper into each area of SAP Support and should not be missed.

“ Great introduction to what the webinars will cover, as well as overview to what services are now available. “  - Customer Quote

During this webcast the top 10 ways to get more value from your SAP maintenance dollars where discussed.

Webcast Attendee Reviews:   Customer Learnings from this Webcast  “ It was a hit ! ”

Here is what our SAP customer attendees said were some of their key takeaway customer quotes from this webcast.

“ I need to pay attention to all of these additional resources for SAP knowledge that I was not aware of ...  and also the level of detail that is offered. “

“ I learned about additional features of Enterprise support:  identify and activate functionality
, virtual training
, quality checks, best practices ,etc

“ I didn't know about SAP Enterprise Support Academy before today! I'll definitely look through this for resources. Thank you ! “

“ I have already started looking at some of the best practices and QuickIQ offerings and started bookmarking on what interest to me. “

“ SAP Enterprise Support is MUCH MORE than a helpdesk “

“ It allowed me to be aware of services that I never used to get a better business value from SAP.

“ There are a lot more resources available through SAP support than I realized. “

“ Learned that there are more services at no additional cost.  Was not aware of that.”

“ I can use Solution Manager as I plan for the move to the Cloud.”

Webcast Trailer: Select Customer Highlights from the Webcast

“ SAP Enterprise Support has many services to offer. Some are in a 'Push' format. Some are in a 'Pull' format. Many are in a engagement format. Now I have to put them all on a big whiteboard and strategically place them so I can leverage their value. “   - Customer Quote

“ The SAP Enterprise Support Academy is open to me as a customer to use the various training methods. I will use this to improve user productivity and skill sets. “  - Customer Quote

“ There is a support for all aspects of our SAP - and using Enterprise Support Value Maps will help us navigate to the solutions or at least a starting point that we need. “   - Customer Quote

“ Interesting to know that your incidents get flagged as you are "COE".  Good stuff. didn't know that ! “  - Customer Quote

“ The variety of help available and that you can use the transaction data to help identify best areas to leverage through Innovation tool. Following up on the innovation tool to look at possible enhancements for the business and making better “ – Customer Quote

Webcast Full Feature Recording – July 14, 2016 Replay

You Don't Know What You Don't Know - Understand and Get More Value from your SAP Support Investment “

Featuring: Kristen Scheffler, SAP and VerNeil Mesecher SAP

Start by listening to the recording of our first webinar and register to join us for the rest.

Webcasts Coming Soon to You   - 11 More Webcasts in this Series so Register Today !

We look forward to your joining us for the remainder of the webcast series.

·         July 21: Improve Your Business Outcomes with SAP Enterprise Support

·         July 28: Using the Right Tool at the Right Time

·         August 4: What Every Customer Should Know: Essential Tips on SAP Incident Processing

·         August 11: SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Personalized Access to the Support World

·         August 18: Optimize Projects and Enhance Your Landscape with Continuous Quality Checks

·         August 25: What's a Customer COE, and Why It’s Important for Your Business

·         September 1: Collaborate and Maximize Your Success with SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps

·         September 8: Increase Your IT and Business Users’ Skillset and Maturity at No Additional Cost

·         September 15: Fast Track Your Path to Discovering SAP Innovations

·         September 22: What’s in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 and Creating a Business Case

·         September 29: It’s Not Over Yet. What We Learned and What’s Next.

Register for individual webcasts or the entire series here

So if you want to learn how to reduce costs, save time and money, and leverage what you get with SAP Support, then you definitely need to join us for this series.  You’ve heard quotes from the customers that attended our kickoff webcast that it was time well spent.

Join us !

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