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The article is written to support the Web Dynpro ABAP consultants who want to call the Interactive Adobe forms using Web Dynpro ABAP. This article illustrates an example to view the existing contents, change the existing content and insert new record in database using Adobe form.

Web Dynpro ABAP: Database update and insert using Interactive Adobe form

In this article, we will develop 2 views. In the first view, we will have an input field along with 2 buttons NEW and EDIT. Second view is Adobe Interactive form. Based on the value entered and the button clicked in the first view, second view will get called either with preloaded data or not. We will write the logic for billno to get generated automatically for new entries.In the second view, in the interactive adobe form, we will have a button SUBMIT which will help us to insert/update records in the database table.


Consultants should have basic Web Dynpro ABAP and Adobe form basic knowledge.

Database table:

Web Dynpro component:

Create an Web Dynpro component (say zzz_jaytest1). In view, design context as below.

Create Outbound plug with importing parameter.

Keep the enabled as checked. Choose the datasource as above and mention the event as submit and create it.Mention the template source say ZZZ_JAYTEST1. That is the adobe form which we are going to create now. Double click that name.

Then press Context button in that. Then select context node ZZZ_JAYTEST1.

   Insert Web Dynpro Script in Form Layout as shown below.

Activate the form. In Handle Default of Inbound Plug event, read the context node and write necessary select statements also as shown below.



In the window (Say ZZZ_JAYTEST1), first embed the views Main and Next as shown below and from Main, create destination view from outbound plug.


Enter Bill no to edit.

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