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Hello All,

As I see most of the Questions these days start with "I am new here. So, I would like to have some insight into Technology.", it's just not possible to have repetitive threads in this group and moreover, it degrades the quality of this group content. We all as a team should strive to get the right content into this group which will be really helpful in setting standards.

What I wanted to say is one should have to do their "home-work" (some minor effort in searching for solutions) before posting a question over here which involves lot of things as I am about to mention in this blog of mine further.

I understand we all are new here and we will have to live with probable assumptions in getting the jobs done. We are into restricted development model but things will change. All it takes is little time. SAP's also working in parallel with us to make things better for us. Today, I see lot of people who are self exploring and posting wonderful blogs in this space which is not the case 2yrs back. Change will always be there!

So, here I come up with possible ways to get help. Hope this will be helpful to all.

I request everyone to go through this blog before posting their questions.

SAP Cloud Help

    • Documentation for both functional and technical aspects for a specific Product can be found here. Knowing the business process is most important even before you start working on implementing it technically. You can get such knowledge here as well as in the corresponding tenant’s In-Built Help Center. However, both are same.

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense

    • You can also get Help related to SDK features. New documentations will always get updated here. You can download the print versions or view online in order to update yourselves with all delta features. Point is not to go through every page of documentation(which is actually good) but at least search for what you need by using Ctrl+F in the print version.

SAP Cloud Applications Studio*

* Please don't miss the Getting Started page.

Repository Explorer

    • You can find "Repository Explorer" as a contextual menu in your Studio under View.

    • This is a great tool to get metadata and explore available standard objects. Sample codes are also provided for some of the objects. Good place to learn and start your experiments quickly.

Business Center

    • Business Center started with an idea of knowledge sharing and collaboration tool for all Cloud related products. Then after, SME forum has been moved into SCN space. SME still remains as a great source for knowledge repository.
    • You might ask what kind of knowledge at this point. Every business development needs a best practice. SME is a repository for best practices, web assessments to test your knowledge, implementation guides, localization kits etc.. which you will not find anywhere else.

               SAP Business Center

Service Market Place

    • Service Market Place is one stop support center. You can download integration guides, maintenance documentations, new SDK builds, raise customer messages when you have any product errors, create SAP Passports etc..
    • All you need is valid S-User ID with download rights and partner agreements in place without which you will not be able to see the SDK builds in search results.

Service Market Place

SAP Community Network

    • A complete collaboration platform where you can interact with other people and share your knowledge. Gain points, gain confidence, gain knowledge and last but not least share knowledge. There will be a situation always where other people know at least a little better than what you know as one can't be expert in everything. Kick off your ego for knowledge sake.
    • You can only know what others know by interacting with them. Use SCN to build up your targeted network so that you can get the right help. Just login into SCN and search for your community, join, share/get knowledge, enjoy!

SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense

SAP Cloud Applications Studio

"How-To" Tutorial Compilation

    • Tag based search initiative by jens.limbach2 which gathers all related tutorials in a single click making it easier for user to filter out the tutorial he/she wants without much struggle.
    • I request you to follow the instructions related to tagging as described in the below document if you are going to create a new tutorial or update your existing tutorial or to start tag searching.

How-To Collection for SAP Cloud Applications Studio

YouTube Channels

    • There are pretty good YouTube channels which provides good info on lot of "How-To" questions. Most of the times, visuals imprints content in your brain stronger than textual representations. So, this is also considered as a good way for learning.

SAP Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud for Sales

Fred McCloud

*Above links will redirect you to

You can solve it yourself

    • Sometimes, solution to your problem doesn't need any external help. You just have to know the power your brain.
      • Think multidimensional. Try implementing your "may-be" approaches.
      • Use reverse engineering. Find the root cause.
    • This is the best way to boost up your confidence levels. When you get a positive result as a part of your self explorations, nothing can be better than that.

How-To Incident

    • Let's say that you tried your best through every possibility by spending some significant time on the above options but still, you are not at all the getting "right" help you wanted. SAP's always there to help you.
    • You can raise a "How-To" category Incident in your Cloud system if it is not really a "consulting" related question that you are asking.
    • Please remember that SAP Cloud Support's time is very precious as they have hundred's of incidents to be processed in a day. You will have to choose this option only in the worst case scenario.

I would be the most happiest person if anyone could propose more ways of getting help so that I can include them in my blog as well. :smile:



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