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Last tuesday i attended a session by SAP where they presented a slide with the next wave of SAP Fiori Scenario's that will be anounched during Teched 2013.

Although there was the usual disclaimer i think it's not likely a lot will change. I must admit i was hoping for more since i heard rumers of an additional 100 apps. I guess we have to be patience here.

List of new scenario SAP Fiori per role:

Sales Rep (SD)

  • My Customers (View,Create)
  • My Contacts (View, Change, Create)
  • Create Quote
  • Change Qoute
  • My Quotations pipeline
  • Win/Loss Analysis

Project Manager / Project Employee

  • Change WBS element status
  • Confirm milestone
  • Confirm activity

Production Worker:

  • Confirm production order
  • Confirm production operations

Porduction Supervisor:

  • Release production order

Quality Engineer:

  • Report Quality Issue
  • Track and confirm task


  • Report Travel expenses

Sales Rep (CRM 7.0)

  • My Customer Search, View, Edit, Create Contacts
  • My Contacts Search, View, Edit, Create Contacts
  • My Calender / My Activities View Edit Create
  • Notes: Capture unstuctured information on a table and create followup based on CRM activities
  • Sales Documents Lookup of required document
  • Customer presentation insight form tables/laptop
  • Collaborate account document and collaborate with back office, tagging.
  • Attach document tot CRM system (e.g. opportunities, Activities)
  • Opportunity: Create, Edit, Display
  • Leads: View, Edit, receive leads and followup with potential customers

The list of the 25 apps from the first wave can be found here. There are focussed on the roles of Manager, Employee, Sales Rep and Purchasing Agent.

Cheers. @pimdewit

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