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Wally's cubicle had always been a tourist place amidst the otherwise boring office floor, a microcosm, a sanctuary, a cool place to hang out.

However, from the past few months, this thriving tourist industry was on a steady decline, due to hostile environmental changes around the floor. This worried Wally and he had to do something about it. After all, who else can launch a rocket to moon form his cubicle using nothing but ABAP, APD and a cube?

The task was daunting, as people these days launch rockets using the HANA Cloud platform. After all "SAP is the new legacy," and the blue screens are beginning to look as fantastically old as the DOS screens with a blinking cursor.

It was imperative; Wally had no choice but to manoeuvre his "enterprise shuttle" through the HANA Cloud to protect his "Universe".

Getting a HANA trial account wasn’t difficult; downloading and installing all the SDKs and configuring the eclipse IDE took a little longer, but the official SAP documentation and the open SAP courses were more than handy and everything he needed was already documented and indexed neatly.

Wally started by creating a portal page where he embedded a Youtube video of a Tedtalk and arranged URL widgets to all his blog posts.

He couldn’t just forget his legacy SAP roots altogether, so he decided to use the cloud connector too. With considerable effort and a lot of assistance from SAP guys, he installed and configured the Hana cloud connector in the same host as his SAP sandbox. The configuration took some more time, but then running the "Neo" commands were fun and setting up the environment variable made him feel like a spider man. A little hustle with "jco.client", "jco system", servlets, and then there was "Tunnel".

He created his first java app that could talk to SAP.

Tutorial: Invoking ABAP Function Modules in On-Premise ABAP Systems

Developing a hybrid application on SAP HANA Cloud Platform that integrates with an on-premise ABAP s...

By moving his cubicle to the new Cloud Platform, Wally is hoping to attract the tourists back.

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