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This blog is a personal professional editorial of information captured during the SAP TechEd and d-code.

main Tracks followed:

Technology, Strategy and Innovations

Cloud Integration, Orchestration, and Intelligent Processes

Day 1 - Pre-conference sessions

Fast Track to Development with SAP Hana Cloud Platform

SAP TechEd has begun with the Pre-Conference Sessions. We visited the session “Fast Track to Development with SAP Hana Cloud Platform”. From this first session, besides the technical capabilities and live examples of SAP HCP Development and integration with sensor and mobile, we encounter a very rich discussion around roles between a cloud user and SAP services.

It is noticeable a gap of the understanding of what SAP HANA Cloud really offers in the current service offerings. Let’s try to summarize what we have we concluded during this sessions.

SAP has three main Hana Cloud offerings:

  • SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC)
    • SAP Hana Cloud hosted and managed by SAP, equivalent to a private cloud.
    • Targeted to customers that already have a SAP Hana license and would like to leverage the infrastructure over SAP managed Data Centers.
    • Fast track to cloud solutions as SAP Business Suite or Business Warehouse, when the procurement process could take long time and effort by internal IT or service providers.
    • Prices per month subscription
  • SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP)
    • Public Could hosted and managed on SAP Data Centers
    • 3 Deployment options:
      • Infrastructure Services, intended for SAP Hana licensed customers who will like to leverage infrastructure over SAP Public cloud
      • Database Services, intended for customer who will like to leverage infrastructure and pay for a SAP Hana license on a monthly bases
      • App Services, intended for hosting native Hana application and developing extensions to other Cloud Offering like SuccesFactors
    • HCP us provides a set of Applications, Network and Framework for extending you core backend system.
    • Prices per month subscription
  • SAP Hana One
    • Fully feature SAP Hana system hosted in the public cloud provided by Amazon AWS.
    • This could be a good option for organization with exiting competence on managing AWS public cloud
    • Priced by hour

Trying to simplify the use cases:

SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud is targeted to existing Hana solution where the customer aims for changes in the infrastructure approach. SAP Hana One is alternative to HEC over the public cloud.

SAP Hana Cloud, is targeted to developers and innovation with Hana native applications, or extensions of your SAP/Non-SAP, on-premise/cloud core applications.

A clear comparison can be found under:

Another point that is worth-mentioning is regarding a misunderstanding about running other SAP solutions, in particularly ABAP, over SAP private or public cloud. It is not possible to deploy Non-HANA solutions over the public or private clouds managed by SAP. The HANA cloud is not, intended for such scenarios, what it’s on roadmap and available to migrating from a Non-Hana Business Suite solution to a version powered by Hana, such as ERP 6.0 on HANA.

You can find which products are available in SAP Business Suite for Hana under the following link:

SAP HANA Innovations for SAP Business Suite – SAP Help Portal Page

Finally, it was emphasized the increasing importance of the integration roles in deploying solutions over hybrid-landscapes. An Integration Architecture practice in projects, with a very clear understanding of data ownership and governance, is of increasingly importance and criticality.

Keynote with Steve Lucas

The executive keynote by Steve Lucas was a well delivered and entertaining presentation. Regardless how hard Steve tried to delay it, as expected the main message in HCP (Hana Cloud Platform)

But rather that going over the SAP offering and details of its technology, the session delivered a colorful parade of HCP users and partners who have running, innovative solutions possible the development framework HCP delivers.

The presentations went from water-thirsty plans sms to get its water fix, to industrial spider cranes on stage which use Geo-Data analytic on real-time and RFID to map actors and infrastructure in the environment to prevent collisions on injuries.

Worth-mentioning what the State of Indiana is doing to reduce child morality, by aggregating and visualizing data on social, healthy, employment and Geo-data form different sources into the Hana Cloud.

My personal favorite, John Appleby form Bluefin,a tech-nerdy demo of a 480 cores 24TB memory Silicon Graphic machine use to demo data crawling and crunching of a quarter of a trillion records, found in Wikipedia, in near real-time. This demo was created in 10 days, including the building of the hardware, data crawling and loading.

As a parody to what a competitor presented in their latest key note, done faster cheaper and even blogged to the public so they can do the same lab trial.

Check John's blog: Build your own Wikipedia Keynote Part 1 - Build and load data

Watch the full Keynote: SAP Executive Keynote:Steve Lucas | SAP TechEd && d-code

Day 2

Walking around SAP TechEd & d-code 2014 - Las Vegas: Day 2

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