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Need to wait for a flat file to be on a share drive so it can be loaded?

The following program can be integrated in your process chain. It will check if the file is there and once it has been created it will get loaded.

Should the file not arrive in x amount of time you can trigger an email informing the responsible person that the file is missing. This can be customized with a variant.

Here is how you built the process chain: At the ABAP programm with returncode. It will wait in this case for two files to be on a specific drive.

Once there the IP will load them.  If it is not there after x wait time it will send an email to the responsible person.

Create the Program ZBW_CHECK_FILE with the ABAP attached.

Create your variant.

Add the file directory and filename. The Wait sequence determines how many iterations the programm will do.

Sequence of wait time in minutes between each try for the file.

Use the program attached to this document in your process chain.

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