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Somtimes you will need a chart that shows more than a single measure and sometimes these measures can be off very different scale. There might even be a situation where you will need more than two measure in the chart with very different scales.

In core Design Studio you will notice that there is a Combination chart but there are only limited dual axis charts and if you would like to go beyond two axis - there is nothing available to you.

This is where the Multi-Axis Chart as part of the Visual BI Extensions can help.

Lets say we have these three measures and we do need them in a single chart but based on their scale with up to three different axis.

By default our charts will show these measure, but because we have chosen the Multi-Axis chart we can configure the type of visualization......

... as well as on which axis we would like to plot the information.

.. resulting in a Multi-Axis Chart showing three measures on three separate axis.

and in that way create a multi - axis chart

100 Things you can do with Visual BI Extensions and SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

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