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Right now it feels already a little bit like "waiting for Christmas" for me as our next major release of our Extensions for SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio is very close (and our SAP Lumira Extensions as well).

As part of the upcoming release we did add several components as part of our "Selectors and Filters" area. One of these components is a Listbox. I am sure there will be several of you that now say .. "... well SAP has a listbox as well".... so let me show why our Listbox is different and what additional functionality it provides.

So lets start with the configuration:

The Listbox is designed so that it doesn't need any scripting functionality for most of the scenarios. In the Additional Properties of the listbox you would first of all select the dimension that you would like to use for the listbox itself - as shown below.

If you would like, you can limit the amount of entries as well and as you can see in the screen shot above, you can also list the Target Data Sources (1 or many) in the configuration.

In addition you would then configure if you would like to show the key or text or both as the "Display" option and which of the values you would like to send to the Target Data source. In addition the Listbox provides features such as sorting or searching out of the box.

The option "Runtime Display" is giving the end user the option to switch between the different display options (Key, Key & Text, Text, ...) at runtime.

Those are all the basics for the listbox. So now lets go to the interesting parts.

The Listbox also provides Alerting capabilities where you can create a conditional highlighting based on a simple measure comparison, or a measure calculation, or based on a Target Value as shown above.

You then have the option to select a color and a symbol, which then will be shown as part of the listbox itself - as shown below.

As shown above, the alerts are shown in front of the product members, our listbox shows the Search dialog, the option to switch between the different display options, and provides an "All Member" out of the box.

In addition the listbox provides all the usual scripting and the option to select single values or multiple values.

So instead of just providing your users with a simple list of members, you can quickly provide your users with a searchable list and you can add additional help by using conditional formatting as part of the listbox already.

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