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If you haven't attended an SAP TechEd conference, typical types of sessions you'll find include indepth product roadmap presentations, strategy sessions, customer case studies, and technical hands-on sessions.  These sessions range from introductory level to advanced level topics, and can be extremely informative.  Many of these are recorded and are available through Virtual Teched.

Some of the best sessions come from experienced field practicioners who are also experienced communicators, such as SAP Mentors.  One such cool session I was able to sit in at SAP Teched was a session taught by fellow SAP Mentor Matthias Steiner.   In this session, Matthias goes through the principals used within SAP Custom Develop to do large scale development projects leveraging Java and BPM as part of SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.  Unfortunately Matthias' session was not taped to be part of Virtual TechEd.

A couple of weeks later, I luckily stumbled across Matthias walking through the hallway here at the Palo Alto office of SAP.  So I asked Matthias if he'd be willing to recreate a couple salient parts of his TechEd session on video, and he willingly agreed.

So below are part I and part II of some key parts of his Advanced Composite Patterns for SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment.

In Part I, Matthias talks about componentization principles used by SAP's Custom Development team for large projects.

In Part II, Matthias finishes componentization principles, discusses dependencies between architectural layers, cross functional features vs application specific features, and then discusses using aspect programming to leverage cross functional components effectively.

And if you are attending SAP TechEd Bangalore, you get one more chance to see this session live.
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