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Vaspp E-Com is an Online Shopping App built with open source UI framework, OpenUi5. Vaspp E-Com is designed as an easy to shop application from any device- mobile, tablet or laptop.

It enhances shoppers experience by enabling them to Browse, search, get product details, read & write reviews, and purchase millions of products among various categories. It also helps to expedite shopping with a Prescription upload, Store locator, order tracking, wish list, loyalty points, and many more.


Why did I build it with OpenUI5?

When OpenUI5 themselves talk about “build enterprise-ready web applications” or “Enterprise-Ready Web Toolkit” then why did we build a consumer app using UI5! Because it can.

The toolkit had almost all the controls and features we needed to build our E-commerce application.

  • Responsive Across Browsers and Devices:

With the number of different screen sizes and devices, we found no other toolkit which could adapt so well to each device.

  • Rich UI Controls:

Had all the controls we would ever need to develop this app. going to any other toolkit would have required some custom controls or other third-party elements.

  • Development concepts:

The MVC concepts, JSON models, different binding types made it possible to develop and manage the application in no time.

  • Works well with Cordova application container.

  • Translation and internationalization support.

  • OpenUI5 - Free and Open Source.

  • And many more…

What were the challenges?

We had a few good challenges in building a consumer app using OpenUI5 and it was fun tackling them. We had an option of going for a native application for its capabilities in terms of functionalities and performance.

  • Support for Google map and oAuth library is available widely for Native apps whereas for such apps, which is based on JavaScript, was limited. We had to tackle each issue especially related to oAuth on our own.

  • Smoother scroll and navigations between screens. Generally, Native applications have superior scroll and navigation experience but here when a page had too many elements, for example, a product listing page, it was required to always follow the best practices for CSS and DOM to maintain a smooth experience.

    • DOM had to always be light in size but still achieve the same look and feel which was designed.

    • Images have to be resized to keep the memory used in check. (Which is also required on native side but little easier to do so).

  • Lastly, we had a messy CSS file. After initial development, we had reorganized it with LESS.

OpenUI5 with its rich UI Controls makes it a go-to web kit not just for Enterprise, but also for the Consumer world. If we can add some pre-built templates similar to enterprise apps within the framework then it would be wonderful.
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