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This blog explains the various NWBPM patterns that can be used for business solutions.

In next blog I will explain how to configure each steps clearly.

Simple NWBPM with Operation mapping:

This pattern is to understand the basics of mapping and also how to import and use operation mapping developed in ESR in NWBPM.

Collect pattern based on time:

This pattern is used to collect messages for a particular period of time(say 60 seconds).And send the collected message to 2 different system using message split.

Collect based on count:

This pattern is used to collect the messages based on count. The same pattern can be extended to collect messages based on correlation and strict condition by giving condition at the start and intermediate message events respectively. These patterns are called as aggregator and strict conditional start patterns

SAP PI with NWBPM and BRM:

This pattern integrates PI with NWBPM and BRM.The complete PO package.And also collects the messages for a particualr period of time and sends it to a target.

NWBPM pattern to merge 2 system:

This pattern merges messages coming from 2 system based on a correlation condition(n:1).And sends the message to a single target system.

Split pattern based on Indexing:

This pattern splits the incoming message with multiple records to individual ones using indexing and count.And also each message is processed with a time delay of 5 seconds.


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