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Often we come across the requirement of having the same layout of form for multiple languages.The best way to achieve this is by implementing the translations.

The following are the ways for translation of a original form (EN) to many other languages.

1.Translation available at the form level in SFP txn of the adobe forms.Menu-->Goto-->Translation.

2.Using Standard Texts (SO10)

3.Using Text Modules.(Smartforms)

The best way and easy maintenance in future, I suggest you to go for Textmodules.

These text modules can be created in the original language "EN" and can be converted in to differenet languages using txn SE63 using target language.

This way when you pass the the texmodule and the login language to the fileds of Text created in the Context node i.e.

Text Name -- 'ABC' (Name of the Text module created)

Textlanguage -- Langu. (This langu is the variable which is passed either from interface or from print pgm as import parameter where langu = sy-langu).

Now as you have converted all the text modules in the required languages,when you run the form in that particular login you get the necessary out in that particular language.

As per me this is the best and easiest way to proceed.

The second approach you can opt for is the standard text.(S010).But the probelm here is we need to be careful of insert the standard text in the Transport Request as the creation of standard text explicitly does not ask for TR.This is the only difference apart from that this is equivalent to textmodules.

The last option Translation at form level is not recomended as this needs the form to be developed statically.And when you have a requirement of translating the forms in multiple languages the form takes the changes fine for the first initial time.But when the changes are requested at later point of time to the translated text,we face issues with New text not getting reflected in the latest generated form(Not immediately).

Looking at all the available options,I suggest you to go for textmodules.

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