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Hi Everyone,

This document is mainly focused on value-Aid to Business and Customer using SAP BODS and SAP BO

The SAP BusinessObjects solution portfolio delivers extreme insight through specialized end-user tools on a single, trusted business intelligence platform.

This entire platform is supported by SAP BusinessObjects Data Services. On top of SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, the SAP BusinessObjects solution portfolio layers the most reliable, scalable, flexible, and manageable business intelligence (BI) platform which supports the industry's best integrated end-user interfaces: reporting, query and analysis, and performance management dashboards, scorecards, and applications.

True data integration blends batch extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) technology with real-time bi-directional data flow across multiple applications for the extended enterprise.

By building a relational datastore and intelligently blending direct real-time and batch data-access methods to access data from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other sources, SAP has created a powerful, high-performance data integration product that allows you to fully leverage your ERP and enterprise application infrastructure for multiple uses.

SAP deeply integrates the entire ETL process with the business intelligence platform so you benefit from:

Easy metadata management

Simplified and unified administration

Life cycle management

Trusted information

Value Aid to Business and Customer using SAP BODS:

Use SAP BusinessObjects Data Services to develop enterprise data integration for batch and real-time uses. With the software:

You can create a single infrastructure for batch and real-time data movement to enable faster and lower cost implementation.

Your enterprise can manage data as a corporate asset independent of any single system. Integrate data across many systems and reuse that data  for many purposes.

You have the option of using pre-packaged data solutions for fast deployment and quick ROI.

SAP Business Objects Universe

Universe is a semantic layer between end user’s reporting solution and the data source.This layer doesn’t require the users to get involved with the intricacies of the underlying data structure, and simplifies  their access to the source.

Universe are made up of elements such as objects and classes. Objects are the basic data components in a database that you use in a query to retrieve data. A collection of  these objects  is known as a class.

An example would be a class named Customer, which includes objects Name, Age and Address.

Value-Aid to Business and Customer using SAP BO

Web Intelligence enables you to query data without any knowledge of SQL, customize the presentation of reports, organize reports and interact with reports.

Thanks & Regards,

Vishakha Nigam

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