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I would like to share my below experience which faced an issue with UWL connection to ECC after we upgrade 7.3 SP10 to SP11.

When we get below error please do all troubleshooting as per your system configuration and if applicable we may required to create a RFC Destination for ECC.

Below step by step process.

  • Open the following portal page http://hostname:port/nwa
  • Go to Configuration Management -> Destinations. Here create the RFC destination using the following template: “SAP_ECC_Common$WebFlowConnector”.
  • Fill in the following fields: System ID, Message Server, Logon Group, Language, Client, Username, Password. The other fields remain on default values. (Make sure that the specified user has "SAP_BC_UWL_SERVICE" right assigned. This is needed to fetch the technical information from the backend.)

  • After the configuration of the RFC Destination a UWL Service restart is needed. Restart the UWL in NWA in the following section: Systems -> Start & Stop.
  • Here select Java EE Applications and in the Name filter write "uwl" and hit enter.
  • Select "" from the list and click on Stop -> On All Instances.
  • After that click on Start -> On All Instances.
  • Wait until the status of the uwl becomes "STARTED" in the Status column clicking on "Refresh" button.

Reference SAP Note: #1133821



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