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In this blog I want to announce the third tutorial for my node.js OData server (n-odata-server). In this tutorial you learn how to use a YaaS (CF) service to save data to a MongoDB database.

The YaaS CF (Cloud Foundry) platform not only offers a runtime platform for Java and node.js applications but it also provides some services that can be used in custom applications easily.
One of these services is a MongoDB service that exposes a MongoDB to the applications.
In this tutorial you will see how easy it is to use such a service. You don't have to install a database, care about all that network stuff, ... You simply create a service instance for your organisation and bind you app to this service. It's a matter of minutes and you're able to save data to a database with CF (YaaS).

Cause I'm a DRY person I created the tutorial on github where my n-odata-server github project is located. See the README or the wiki of that project to get more information about it.

Stay tuned for updates about n-odata-server.

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