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The main idea is to see how the SAP Cloud Connector High-Availability scenario can be run; in fact most of this ramble is about how to provision Linux VMs on a laptop ,with various cogs n wheels configured, so as to get the whole "cloud application process" working (and smoke-testable).

I was watching the openSAP Cloud Connector HA demo video (course cp1-2, Q3/2017, week 4 somewhere), and then started thinking that there would be other ways to demo or investigate the Cloud Connector, specifically by running 2 or 3 virtual machines on a host laptop.

So one VM would be Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop distro, and it could use the openJDK with openJFX add-ins to run SAP Cloud Connector (non-production version since it is a non-rpm package distro), and also we could check out SAPGUI for Java on Ubuntu.

Another VM would be openSUSE Leap 42.3 distro, with Oracle JDK installed, and a production version of SAP Cloud Connector, running as a daemon (service). And SAPGUI for Java, just because 🙂

Then a third VM could also be openSUSE Leap 42.3, which would run a Developer Edition of an SAP ABAP instance (NW751 SP02).

And since I work for a company which has an SAP "International Demo/Education System" ERP instance (IDES), it also seemed like a good idea to connect up to such a back-end system, so then it was necessary to check out how guest VMs play with VPN client software, and so on.

Because this is about dealing with computers, so there were some surprises on the way, but no showstoppers, all the main demo themes worked out just fine.

The details are in a Google doc, stored on Google Drive. Click here to open the document.
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