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In this blog post I would like to show how the new functionality test plans can be used.

Test plans are generally used in larger test projects in which several test levels or test cycles take place.

With the help of the test plans, test cases can be assigned to several test plans. This allows a test case to be reused for multiple test executions.

Test Plans in SAP Cloud ALM

Test Plans in SAP Cloud ALM

The good news first: The application of the test plans in SAP Cloud ALM is very simple and lean.

The new tile is called "Test Plans". Clicking on the tile takes you to the corresponding functionality.

Test Plans Tile in SAP Cloud ALM

The following steps are necessary to create a new test plan:

  1. Create a test plan with a name

  2. Assign test cases to the test plan

  3. Activate the test plan for the test execution

Test Plan - General Information

Next, the desired test cases can be assigned to the test plan.

Test Case Selection

The final test plan then looks like this:

Test Plan with selected Test Cases

In order for the test plan and the test cases to be used for test execution, the status of the test plan must now be set to "In Testing".

Status Test Plan

In the test execution, the test plan can now be selected and the associated test cases can be executed.

Test Plan with Test Exection


The functionality of the test plans was requested by many customers and SAP has now delivered them in a first version.

For larger projects with extensive testing, the functionality already offers many options and remains very easy to use.

SAP will gradually expand the functionality of the test plans. Personally, I'm looking foreward to the possibility of assigning testers to test cases. This then enables clear accountability for dedicated test cases and creates a worklist for the testers.

You can find further information and an overview of the planned extensions in this blog post from reiner.markheiser : Advanced Test Orchestration using Test Plans in SAP Cloud ALM
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