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First, I want to credit zabrina.leung4for her tip hereBookmark can't be created in Adhoc Analysis Template-Solution Provided

I couldn't create any bookmarks using the Adhoc template in 1.4 until I put in her changes.

1) uncomment the on change event:

2) Put in semicolons after the APPLICATION

Thank you for sharing, Zabrina

Although SAP's Learning Hub still only covers Design Studio 1.3, it provides a nice structured walkthrough of the functionality.

Source: SAP

The above figure shows how sharing bookmarks looked in Design Studio 1.3

Now in 1.4 we can e-mail the shared bookmarks:

Clicking Send by email will provide an e-mail view:

The sharing of bookmarks with the adhoc analysis templates works in 1.4 thanks to Zabrina's tip.

To learn more about SAP's Learning Hub join us Monday December 8th - see SAP Mentor Monday Webinar Learning Hub Update - Save the Date

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