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Because I answer a lot of questions under the Crystal Reports tags, I often see people misusing the tags. Below is a general description of what each is for:

SAP Crystal Reports - questions about general report design and how to use the Crystal Reports desktop software.

SAP Crystal Viewer - questions about the report viewer application that can be downloaded from SAP.

SAP Crystal Reports, version for Visual Studio - questions about coding with the .NET SDK.

SAP Crystal Reports, version for Eclipse - questions about coding with the Java SDK.

SAP Crystal Reports - SDK - questions about legacy SDKs, including the RDC.

SAP Crystal Server - questions about the Crystal Server software (questions about this software will often get a better response when also tagged with one of the SAP BusinessObjects tag as the underlying platform is the same with Crystal Server limited to just Crystal reports.)

NOTE:  When running reports through SAP B1, you'll usually get a better response if you include the appropriate SAP Business One tag as well.
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