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I love new technology and new software.  Lumira has been released for some time.  We've all seen it on stage at SAP SAPPHIRE, SAP Insider HANA 2014, etc. so I needed to find a way to get involved.  When implementing Change Request Management (CHARM) on Solution Manager 7.1 - we also have to configure ITSM Analytics for much of the browser based reporting in the CRM UI.  The reports in the UI are all supported by Info Areas and BEx Queries behind the scenes.  Once I realized SAP Lumira can consume a BW Query - I had to try it with Solution Manager 7.1.

There is nothing special in this setup.  ITSM Analytics has been configured per these instructionsAnd I had the required security roles to access ITSM Analytics.

Once you have SAP Lumira installed and licensed (you need a licensed copy to use BW as data source), open Lumira and choose File >> New

Select Connect to SAP Business Warehouse

Enter your connection information and click Connect (it should pull systems from your SAP GUI Logon.ini)

Next, you'll be presented with a selection screen.  In my case, I didn't have anything assigned via role so I selected InfoAreas

Next, I selected 'SAP Solution Manager' > Service Provider Reporting > Incident Management Reporting - Message Reporting

Why did I select this? I tried finding other InfoAreas that made more sense - but couldn't find data.  I found the CHARM data using this InfoArea.  Maybe someone can provide some other InfoAreas in the comments section :smile:

Click Create

Next I was presented with the 'Cross Tab Analysis' section where I added the fields I wanted for my test report.  In this case I wanted to see Transaction Types and their respective status.

Once I was able to view the data I wanted - I started testing the visualizations.

While not the definitive guide - I hope this gets some people thinking about how we can visualize data within Solution Manager.  We could also try this with the monitoring data in Technical Operations!  Looking forward to more posts on this topic.



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