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SAP NetWeaver Portal has a component called “Activity Data Collector (ADC)” which traces user and content activity, monitors portal requests and maintains details of each request, such as the logged-on user, processing time and the iView requested and creates a record in a file. More details on activating ADC by Aviad in his blog - SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 – Activity Data Collector Enhancements.   SAP NetWeaver Portal does not provide an out-of-the-box capability for reporting on the information collected by the ADC. Hence, it’s left to the customer to analyze the raw information from these files and develop a reporting mechanism.

I recently came across Lumira – a data visualization tool (formerly known as Visual Intelligence) and found it very easy to use. Few months back, SAP made it available on the HANA Cloud and hence there is no need to install a software on your PC. You can create reports from the browser and share it with other users. Since its HTML5 based, users can view it on any device.  I wanted to showcase how you could use this tool to display Portal Activity reports in a more visual manner.

Step 1: Setup ADC and generate a file. The file which I am using is below

Step 2: Login into Lumira Cloud to create a Dataset

Once you upload the file, it will automatically detect the measures and attributes. I have change the measure to aggregate based on Count.

Step 3: Build your report

In the design area, select the type of chart from the visualization tab and select your X/Y axis fields

Save the report. It is now ready to be accessed and shared across.

This is how the report would show up when accessing from Home page. This report shows the top iView being used on the SAP Portal

You can also share the report to other users who can view it with their Lumira Cloud login.

Below is snap shot of the email which is being generated.

You could go and create N number of reports in a very simple fashion. I have just created few reports to give an idea.

The below report shows Top active users on the SAP Portal. I have further filtered it to find top users accessing “Change Orders and Operations” iView using IE Browser.

A simple pie chart to show the user types - Authenticated vs Anonymous access to SAP Portal

Hope you found this informative.

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