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Hi All,

What do you do when you need to display different logos in reports for different customers without redesign it ?

One option is to save a different RPT for each customer and insert the customer LOGO. The problem is that you end up with many templates for the same report one for each customer.

A better option is to use dynamic links so you can have one RPT file that will display different pictures according to different paths.

Follow this steps to use a dynamic link in RPT reports:

First you need to insert a picture into the report and set it's size.

Use a query to get the file path. for example:

select BitmapPath as path, LogoFile as pictureName ,cast (BitmapPath as nvarchar )+LogoFile as FullPath from OADP

this query will take the file path from the "Pictures Folder"  in the general settings of SBO and the picture name from Print Preferences of SBO.


Add the query into command. The FullPath field represent the file location.

The next step will be to enter "Format graphic" (Select the picture and right click on the mouse)

Select the "picture" tab and open the "Graphic Location"

select the FullPath field from the command and save

Now ,Every time the "Picture Folder" or the picture in "Print Preferences" in SBO is changed ,the report will display the correct LOGO automatically without any intervention.

Good Luck


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