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Dear All,

Many times i used to saw some query's about how to pass the current date filter for the dashboard. You can achieve this using Combo box or Calender component, but query prompt selector is not working on this logic.

Let me explain in detail how to use the combo box :

Use the today function =today() to identify the current date in excel level. Take the list of values to the combo box from the label, you can directly bind the values into the combo box using query data also.

Goto -> Behavior tab and select the cell where the today function is used.

Then as-usual you can bind the source and destination cell. If you are binding the values directly to the combo box just bind the destination.

Use the destination cell to trigger the query. In my case i have used the query refresh button which will be hided behind the components to trigger the query.

Using Calender component is way simpler than using the combo box, use the date "Insertion type" and bind the destination. Follow the same method for using the query refresh button.

Hope this Helps!!!

Please let me know your valuable feedback's or any option to use the query prompt selector on passing the current date.

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