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In this blog , we will take a look at different aspects of User Management in SAP Mobile Secure .

There are two types of users that we can create : Managed and Unmanaged .

Managed users can manage their own devices which need to be registered with mobile secure before any apps can be downloaded on them . This allows

for admins to better control these devices and wipe or lock them if required .

Unmanaged users on the other hand need not register their device with mobile secure and therefore cannot  manage their own devices .

Let us now take a look at the process of creating users in SAP Mobile Secure .

From the Account drop down , select Users to see the following screen -

We can enter various details and then move to the next tab ( Roles ) . Every user will have to be provided with the role , "Mobile Place user" . We can also provide other roles if  required .

We can assign the user to groups if required ( on the Groups Tab )

In the last ( Settings) tab , we can configure some settings for the user

We can set the suer to be a Managed or an Unmanaged user.

We can decide when ( new apps added / current apps modified ) to send updates over email to the user .

We can now save and the newly created user will receive a registration email . Once the user has registered , the admin can see the entry :

Please note that there is now a user name against every user . Also take a look at the roles assigned to each user .

How does a user register his/her device ?

This question is best answered by going through the following videos . It has been explained very well in them . Please see the video on iOS first followed

by the one on android . These videos are also available on the landing page of SAP Mobile Secure . You will also be able to see some features of device management by an end user .

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