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This was a public webcast from the SAP User Group yesterday; presenter was SAP's thomas.hensel2

As always, the legal disclaimer applies; things in the future are subject to change.

I was also a few minutes late so I may be missing some slides

Source: SAP

This is the challenge; how to logon centrally with so many SAP applications

Source: SAP
Fiori launchpad - in addition to entry page, overview pages, dashboards, floor plans, list
drill down to more specific area
New Fiori 3 look and feel

With S/4HANA, you may end up in one of the classic transactions

Source: SAP
Hopefully you have seen
Modern launchpad
different types of apps can be launched

Source: SAP


Source: SAP

SAP deployment recommendations - link is here
How to set up system landscape
Fiori technology stack is becoming more integrated
More embedded experience, out of the box
Standard recommendations
Embedded manor

The more systems in landscape, more entry points, need a way to bring them together

In past, was FES - dedicated box, still true, still possible
When look at S/4HANA, each S/4HANA system comes with embedded Fiori Launchpad

SAP working on central entry point, on cloud foundry, SAP Cloud Platform environment
How those things come together

Source: SAP
High level positioning
2 dimensions
Entry point for single/multiple system
Need one central entry point

If start with S/4HANA, regular Fiori launchpad is embedded, this is recommendation

If have multiple systems in landscape (on-premise) - SAP Enterprise Portal (not strategic, still available) and FES Hub option - for Business Suite systems and 1 S/4HANA system
In grey - available, not strategic

Cloud - upper left - product entry pages, SuccessFactors, cloud solution needs home page

SAP Fiori Launchpad on SCP, based on the portal service, evolve through Fiori Launchpad solution - an approach if interested in cloud entry point

SAP Gui and NWBC - still available

Source: SAP
Different deployment options, different ways to set it up

Different tools available for each of the stacks

SCP - Configuration Cockpit NEO

His recommendation - where put development - ABAP tools for local environment and in cloud it is the Cloud Foundry environment

NEO and Java stack - moderate investment

Establishing a central launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform (section)

Source: SAP

Bring together the different services from the different repositories under one common home page
Needs to be structured in way that suits user's job functions

Central services - inbox, user help, search

Single sign-on - want to avoid the user having to re-authenticate

Source: SAP

Team working on integration capabilities
How app should be launched - tab, browser, tile (card)

Good SSO solution

Role information used consistently, and reused

With a central entry point, personalize it to your style and language - themes, propagate to target application

Source: SAP

Self contained - operate in regular manner, only on top have SCP (Cloud Foundry) with central launchpad, residing and running in backend system

Easy to configure with wizards in the cloud

Establish common data model (CDM) - expose structure from content providers in unified manner, make available to central launchpad

Manual integration of single apps and advanced using CDM

Source: SAP
Use cloud connectors from launchpad to backend
With SuccessFactors use standard connectivity between cloud solutions

Source: SAP

CLP available on cloud foundry environment, available since SAP TechEd last year
Can try in trial environment

Release Notes


Road map

Source: SAP
Where stand today - available on trial
In next couple of weeks, plan to do validation on Business Suite backend system
Plan to integrate with Business Client
Administration - dynamic, custom tiles, to extend out of the box scope

Second half of year - integrate with enterprise portal
Central inbox is in box, plan to be ready in Q3
Federate tasks and workflows into one inbox

Plan for integration for translations (integration hub)

End of year (SAP TechEd season) - integrate visualization

He recommends getting yourself familiar with Cloud Foundry, cloud connectors, start

Q: can we get the Fiori apps usage by user?
A: Top requested metrics, look into it.

Q: Will Fiori apps work on mobile?
A: They are adaptive
Don't recommend Fiori client as a separate client

What do you think?
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