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SAP Note 2157662 - Template Maintenance for all the E2E MAI Monitoring Use-Cases

Working System: SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP14

When setting up system monitoring, one of the steps that need to be perform is the creation of custom templates and applying these templates to the monitoring objects.

Until recently, I did not realise that this was possible for all MAI monitoring use-cases. This came in handy especially when I was setting up bgRFC monitoring via ICMON. Here’s how to do it.

The note mentioned above provides the URL one needs to use to create user-defined templates for the other MAI Monitoring use-cases. For my purpose, I had to create a custom template for bgRFC monitoring of ICMON. As such, I will use the URL below:


Opening the URL in a browser takes you to a familiar screen.

One can go through the usual task of activating the metrics/alerts that is required

Once done, save the template and it is now ready for use.

To show how the template can be used, I will setup a bgRFC monitoring scenario.

In the screen where one creates the interface channel, you will need to choose the MAI template you have created

By choosing the user-defined template, the metrics/alerts that you have activated will be inherited, as expected.

Once done, save the interface you have just created and activate it. Hope this information will prove useful to someone as it was very useful for me.

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