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UseOneAsMany Analysis

1st argument: Value to be passed to target.

2nd argument: How many times the value must be repeated in target.

3rd argument: How context changes must be in target.

Rule 1: First queue and Second queue should have same number of context changes.


First Queue:                                   Second Queue:                               Result:

Rule 2: Second queue and Third queue should have same number of values (total count).


Second Queue:                              Third Queue:                                   Result:

Rule 3: First queue should not have repeated values.


     First Queue:                                   Result:



Everything seems right. Right?





(Wrong Error)

Reason: State is under F_Address_MT and Name is under PersonalDetails.

Intuition: A field of lower level cannot be mapped to one in higher level.

Pick 2:

     Expecting something like this?

No? Then you’re right. Look at this queue:

This is what you are gonna get:


The context changes on the target are at the same level as first queue which is at PersonalDetails, whereas third queue is at Friends level (lower level). Hence the context changes propagated to the target get converted to the level in first queue.

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