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In continuation to my earlier blog,

Useful Reports for Document Management in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 - Part1

Let us see another useful report available in SAP Solution Manager - Document Management i.e. SOLMAN_DOCU_VERSION_DEL

This is useful in terms of deleting the unwanted document version's directly instead of archiving it. Thus, it deletes older versions of documents in all data repositories.

First Step: Enter SE38 and provide report name. Execute it.

Second Step: In the below selection screen provide the attributes like Project Name or ID, Document Status or Type as per requirement. We can also provide "*" or wildcard as shown below.

Please note: If we have selected Test Run Check box selected action will not be performed.

Final Step: Now just press execute button. A below confirmation screen appears with versions deleted as per input provided.

Observe we are not deleting documents but their older versions here.

If we want to confirm, let us navigate to  transaction SOLAR01 select document provided earlier, goto history tab in attributes.

We can observe only the latest version of the selected document is available & rest all unwanted version's are deleted.

Thus, this report really helps a lot in reducing database growth and removing unwanted documents.

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