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Source: SAP
New and latest features, search to insight with QRC1 relese
Supported on Mobile devices

This was an ASUG webcast last week arranged by our ASUG SAP point of contact ingo.hilgefort

Source: SAP
What is Mobile - users access SAC content on mobile devices - includes stories and digital boardroom
Android version is available for those on fast track tenant (Q2 onwards for others)
Mobile allows you to access content you created on SAC using the responsive layout
If use responsive layout, do not need to do any additional effort - build content once
First release has some limitations
Future webinar on the Android solution
Interactions through native gestures, drill up and down
It has an SDK to deploy the app
Supports caching mechanism when you don't have connectivity through app (iOS)

Figure 3: Source: SAP
Future support for SAP Analytics Designer
Supports digital boardroom
Works on live/acquired connectivity

Figure 4: Source: SAP
Start supporting folder navigation
If you do not want to open a specific story, just want to know simple query (see revenue for last quarter)

Search to insight - natural language; supports English today; will support others in future

App finds matches from keywords in underlying data model for matching models/measures

Uses Lucene index for models most used

Creates visualizations to show those insights

Total gross margin would show a numeric point chart

It will display best fit visualizations

Can change chart type - can mention that in query and different chart type

If in a network with no coverage, app will have last 10 queries on app - do not need to worry about connectivity

Can share annotation with other users

It provides auto-recommendation depending on match from other models

Figure 5: Source: SAP
Queries the app already understands:
"show me top 10 products by revenue" - last month, last quarter
Change chart type by specifying that in query
Using machine learning algorithms
Search to insight on mobile works on acquired models only; planning to add acquired models

Source: SAP
Planned - support voice enabled search
Can annotate, highlight and share data

See recording for the demo

Screen categorized into favorites, featured, and recent
Admin marks as featured

Offline - last 10 queries, can still interact, still have information "on the go"
Can't do a new search without connectivity

Future plans (subject to change)
Enhance features with synonyms
Extend to live data source, not just acquired
Looking at integrating with Siri or Google voice commands


Q: Is there anything additional to do to enable?
A: No, comes as part of mobile SAC; not available in Android app as Android app just launched this week

Q: Live data w/ search?
A: Ask for user permission before enable on live model

Q: Separate road map?
A: Included in part of SAC road map and product plans

Reena encourages you to download the app and see how you can get "instant insights on mobile devices"

You can watch the webcast replay here.  Special thanks to reena.sethy for providing this webcast to ASUG.
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