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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

In this blog i will complete the scenario and will show you how to install the SAP Data Service Agent and connect them wit your HCP to fetch the data.

Please check also the prevous blogs for more details:

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To enable the scheduler on the SAP HCI DS you need to install the SAP Data Services Agent on your OnPremise System.

You can get the Software by clicking on the link in det Agents tab:


After you have downloaded the executable for the OS you can install the Agent:


After the installation is completed you can configure the DS agent.


  • Username (email)
  • Password (suser pw)
  • Path to the AgentConfig File

You can download the config file during the creation process of the agent in HCI DS:

After the connection between your OnPremise agent and the HCI DS you can see the green light in the agent tab of HCI DS:


Now we can go back to the Projects tab and can define a new scheduler to fetch our data from SAP HCP.

Scheduler configuration:

Activate the scheduler:

Now we execute our newly created scheduler by selecting "Run Now":

In the Task History you can see the status of the execution:


The IoT data is fetched on the OnPrem filesystem:

Please feel free to comment on my first blogs in the sdn in the are of the coll SAP HCP Platform :wink:



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