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After the great TechEd Keynote last year from bjoern.goerke, i was really impressed how easy SAP can be and i want try it out by myself to get my hands dirty at the HCP IoT Services and how we can play with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

My HCP journey are initiated i think it was 2013 with some great openSAP Courses at this time iam starting with HCP and create my HCP Trial Account.

In 2014 we are starting with SAP hybris Cloud for Customer (C4C) in combination with SAP HANA Cloud Integration (SAP HCP Integration Services).

The main focus for me was the integration with HCI between SAP ECC and C4C. In this time i get an good overview about some technical aspects like security, certificates and integration.

Since 4 Months ago we at Sycor have now a "full" HCP we signed the "SAP PartnerEdge Program for Application Development" in detail we use the following Innovation Packs:

  • Innovation Pack for SAP HANA Cloud Platform
  • Innovation Pack for SAP HANA Cloud Platform Integration Services aka HCI

In the end of 2015 iam starting with HCP IoT Services to check out how can we handle the upcoming challenges in the area of Digitalization and Business Transformation especially in the area of IoT.

For the first IoT Scenarios i just started with Raspberry Pi as IoT Gateway and a TI Sensortag CC2650, in this scenario i use Node-RED to push my data into the HCP.

Few weeks ago my boss asked me if want to present our expierence in the area of HCI and HCP at the SAP Info Days on SAP HANA Cloud Integration.

We presented two topics:

  • Integration from C4C with SAP HCI to an OnPrem ECC
  • How to Integrate SAP HCP IoT Services with SAP HCI Data Services (HCI DS)

I took a bit effort what can we do to combine HCI and HCP IoT services, i reminded me that at the SAP HCP Partner Info Day in April was a HCP IoT related Presentation by Carsten Puschke about "SAP HCP for the Intenet of Things". In this presentation he show us how easily you can stream IoT Data to HCP.

Additional he give the hint to a nice blog "The Easiest Way to Stream your iPhone's Sensor Data to HANA Cloud Platform" from patrick.colucci.


In our Scenario we use the TI Sensortag and the SensorPhone App to stream the data in our HCP and HCI Data Services to get the Data in our On Premise Landscape.

Step 1 - The Sensor

To setup the iPhone device with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform IoT Services follow the above mentioned blog by patrick.colucci.


In the IoT Cockpit you can see the data in the corresponding HCP DB table under your HCP NEO schema:

Step 2 - The Fiori OVP UI

The SAP HCP Trial provide the possibility to use and HANA XS, the Innovation Pack for SAP HANA Cloud Platform do not provide an HANA XS runtime.

To visualize my data on HCP i using SAP Web IDE an create an lightweight Fiori OVP to visualize my IoT data.

For this u need only to create an Destination to the IoT MMS:

Then you can fetch the IoT Data in the Web IDE:

Check out these Blogs how easily you can create an Fiori OVP based UI based on your IoT Data:

In the next blog we connect SAP HCP IoT Services with SAP HCI Data Services....

Use SAP HCP IoT Services and HCP Integration Services (HCI-DS) to get your Sensor Data - Part 2



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