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In our community there are already blogs about test tools for Java based HTTP_AAE adapter, like PI 7.30 HTTP Java Adapter Test Tools by His script works fine, however it has some restrictions, for example, it can run only under Internet Explorer, because in script ActiveXObject is used, and you can't save test cases, if you want repeat your tests later.

Actually there is a well known command line tool cURL, "client for URL", which we can use to test HTTP_AAE adapter. This is a swiss knife running both under windows or Linux/Unix system and has many powerful features. To post a file to HTTP_AAE adapter, we can use this tool like:

curl  -i --header "Content-Type:text/xml" \

--user username:password --data@filename.xml \


Update: If you are working on Windows operation system, you have to replace single quote with double quote around the URL. It seems that Windows doesn't like single quote.

If you get HTTP status 200 back, it means that the file is successfully posted.

If you have some files to test or repeat tests, you can write a small windows command script or shell script in Linux to post all the file by running the script only once.

If you want get more details, you can add the option:

--trace-ascii debug.txt

If you need proxy to reach server, just put:

--porxy poxyserver:port

If you need ignore SSL warning, use this option:

-k  or --insecure

I have only mentioned most commonly used options here, and there are a lot of other options, which can be found in curl manual page.

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