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We have received several issues where users are not unable to preview Adobe Form. System doesn't show any error message. When we start debugging we can see SY-SUBRC becomes 1 or 2 after FM being called. It says Usage Error or System Error.

We need to analyzed the standard program, and involves sequence of break-points. I thought it will be helpful to put the sequence, and it is going to save the time.

Here are the sequence of steps used to analyze the issue in case of such Error.


Start debug the FM used to call Adobe form (Press F5), and put a break-point at subroutine %WORK as shown below.

Debug the Perform, we can come to know exactly which field is causing the issue. Most of the time, issue with long text display.


Start debug the FM used to call Adobe form (Press F5), and put a break-point at FM: 'FPCOMP_FORM_END' as shown below

Start debug the FM: FPCOMP_FORM_END, and navigate to subroutine FINISH as shown below, and put the break-points at highlighted position below.

Navigate to sub-routine CREATE_OUTPUT_CURRENT_FORM in sub routine FINISH_FORM

And Access FM: FPCOMP_CREATE_PDX, and we can read the runtime error in FPEX as shown below.

Below Method we give the error message, and we can final error at the end of FM as shown in next screenshot.

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