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Hi All,

Good day,

I want to share a small shortcut/Note for the Receiver Mail adapter in SAP PI - SMTP - URL/IP.


In last project I have came across one Receiver Mail adapter Interface, as per the requirement I want to send mail alert with attachment to the some mail ID's, in a same corporate ID consider like YYY.COM.


We requested basis to share the smtp URL to configure the mail adapter but basis team not aware how to get the smtp URL for YYY.COM.


simply we have tested with URL like "smtp:\\IP\" its working.


The Important note is "Your Delivery mail address and your PI must be use the same domain (Local domain), then you don't required any smtp URL.

But if you want to send mail to other domain then u need the SMTP URL/IP.


Mail Delivered:

Here is the reference for sending the Mails within the local domain:

You can refer the passage under this topic “Sending SMTP outside the local Internet domain” .

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