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SAP BI 7.0. For more information, visit the EDW homepage.


This paper gives an overview on how to load and maintain hierarchy structure and data between two Info Objects where there is no BI 7X hierarchy data flow. Also, This paper highlight the high level thoughts on achieving BI 7X data flow using ABAP program.

Author: Sivakumar Mohan

Company: Cognizant Technology Solution

Created on: 28 Oct 2013

The author works for Cognizant Technology Solution. His expertise includes SAP BI and ABAP

Table of Contents

Business Scenario: 3

Approach to Scenario.. 3

Data Flow: 4

How to Implement Hierarchy Upload Program: 5

Merits: 7

Important segment in the Code: 7

Conclusion: 9

Content.. 9

Disclaimer and Liability Notice. 9

Business Scenario:

Facilitate to the support team to maintain Hierarchy Structure and Data from one Info Object (Native Model) to another one Info Object (Harmonize Model) within the same system.

Presently client’s consolidated their geographically distributed (5 BW System) system in to single consolidated system. During this phase of work, we have met the scenario where we need to maintain considerable number of hierarchy structure and data from Native Model  to Harmonized Model  within the same system.

As per the BI 7.1 version we have hierarchy flow till with 3.5 Version. In order to maintain the hierarchy we need to download the source hierarchy in to excel file and manipulate the file with suitable format and upload the same to target using 3.X data flow.

Since, we have considerable number hierarchy per each target. The conventional manual process leads to time consuming and human error.

Hence, we plan to perform this task through automatism process using ABAP program.

We performed the same and we achieved our Aim successfully. So, we would like share our experience through this whiter paper.

Approach to Scenario


Both Source and target Info objects are within the same system


•     Transformation mapping concept, uploading option in 3.X hierarchy data flow and File down load process in AL11 are e triggering point for us to create an ABAP program.

•     Create a hierarchy upload program where we could make a mapping on the node name of IOBJ’s from native model (Regional Model) to model (Shared Model).

      Example: Node name AG0R_FBRD (Native IOBJ) will be converted as PH_BRAND (Shared IOBJ).

•     Maintain the required hierarchy inbound interface file in to either application server or local work station.

•     Upload the hierarchy data from either application server or local work station through Info Package.

•     We can automate the entire process through process chain.

Efforts Required:

•     Needs to understand the concept of transformation mapping, 3.X hierarchy data flow to load data from

             Inbound interface file and upload the file path automatically in Info package.

•     Knowledge on ABAP programing

Challenges Faced:

•     How to bring Transformation concept and looks & feel though ABAP program?

•     How to provide option as like as option available in Info source setting in hierarchy data


•     How to achieve hierarchy data load from Source to Target through Process Chain.

Data Flow:

How to Implement Hierarchy Upload Program:

1.       Necessary input has to be given in the below screen shot to extract data from source IOBJ and convert in to suitable format to load data to target IOBJ .

2.       Run the program once all the necessary input has given.  The result will be saved in the application server

The file been transferred to Application server as the specified naming standard.`

3.     Upload hierarchy from application server to target (CH_BRAND) using Info package

4.Routine in Info Package

5.Load status in CH_BRAND master data


  • Less human effort required to load the hierarchy from between two different IOBJ’s.
  • Flexible in the way selecting the server (local work station / application), Path, type of target structure, notation for separator.
  • Entire process can be done through process chain.

Important segment in the Code:

ABAP program mainly focused on following part:

Part1: Build user input screen such a way to provide Source and Target Info object and Hierarchy Name, Application Server Path, Target Structure and Source and Target IOBJ mapping details.

Part2: Read Source hierarchy structure using source Info object and hierarchy name. Do the manipulation on source structure based on the input given in Target structure column and mapping column in the input screen.

Part3: Upload the manipulated hierarchy data as an interface file in application server as per the path and target hierarchy name mentioned.

Part4: Upload data from AL11 to target through path determination routine at Info package level


Through this paper I would like to bring an insight on how we could load the hierarchy data between two info objects through process chain using minimal effort.

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