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Some of us might have faced a situation to upgrade timezone_file version manually during Oracle 12c upgrade. Here are the steps to follow in Windows.

When you upgrade Oracle to 12102, you will have have an option in DBUA to upgrade the timezone data.

If you don't check it, then, when you run "post_upgrade_checks.sql", it will give you the below warning message.

Remember that there will be no "upgrade_TSTZ.sql" script to upgrade the timezone data in Oracle 12102 under folder <ORACLE_HOME>\sap\ora-upgrade\post_upgrade". We have this script only in 11g.

So the only option is to upgrade it manually.


  • Confirm the current version

Check the latest version of the timezone_file in location "<ORACLE_HOME>\oracore\zoneinfo", the file format will be "timezlrg_18.dat" (12c release time zone version)

  • Shutdown your database and startup in upgrade mode


  • execute SQL command "SQL>EXEC DBMS_DST.BEGIN_UPGRADE (18);


  • Shutdown and startup your database again and check for the new version is updated.


Then run "post_upgrade_checks.sql" script again and the warning will disappear now.



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