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SAP Host Agent Manual Upgrade

One of the reasons for SAP Host Agent Upgrade:

Got an error as below when configured managed system in Solution Manager

After Upgrade Host Agent

Note: Solution Manager System Host agent Version is 720.116, but Managed system version is 720.44

SAP Host Agent Upgrade Process:

Host Agent default installation directory in Windows “C:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl “


Find Current version:

Navigate to host agent exe directory and execute below command


Target Version Patch Level   Release: 720 Patch Level: 116

SAP Help Portal for Installation:

SAP Help Portal for Upgrade:

Methods for Host Agent Upgrade:

Download Host Agent Target Patch Version

Download the SAR and save temporary directory.


  1. Log on as a user with required authorization:

  Windows: As a member of the local Administraors group.

  1. Copy the downloaded SAPHOSTAGENT<SP-version>.SAR archive to a temporary directory, for example::

E:\SAP HostAgent_720_Patch116\

File : SAPHOSTAGENT116_116-20005735.SAR

  1. Extract the SAPHOSTAGENT<SP-version>.SAR archive using SAPCAR.

  Take SAP Note 212876 into account when doing so. Use the following command for extraction, and execute them in the directory of the archive:


<path to SAPCAR> sapcar.exe -xvf SAPHOSTAGENT<SP-version>.SAR

  1. Perform the upgrade by running the following command from the temporary directory

          saphostexec.exe –upgrade

D:\<Host Agent Latest Files>saphostexec.exe -upgrade pf="C:\Program Files\SAP\hostctrl\exe\host_profile"

5.     After the upgrade has finished successfully, you can check the version of the upgraded host agent by executing the following command from the directory of the SAP Host Agent executables:

%ProgramFiles%\SAP\hostctrl\exe\saphostexec.exe –version

SAP Host Agent Guide:

Thanks & Regards,

V Srinivasan

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